Second week at ONL162 – reflections during my walk back home from work..

When a started this course I felt pretty confident that I knew (at least) what literacy is since health literacy is a concept that we are studying in relation to screening. After this week, trying to catch up with the literature and links required in the course, I realize that literacy is not that simple as I thought.. Literacy rather seem to be literacies; media, information, critical, attentional, computer, network, visual, cultural, cognitive, constructive, communicate, confident, creative and civic (Doug Belshaw, Steve Wheeler). In addition literacy can be categorized into tool literacies and literacies of representation (Kathleen Tyner). 

I really like to view literacy as different categories dependent on the context, because then there is hopefully some of the categories that one might master. I realize that one of the most important category for me to learn more about is confident..

The New Karolinska Hospital in progress


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