Resident or visitor?

I just found a space for writing.. but I am not sure if I’m supposed to comment your post here, well I give it a try.
I find your reflection on how to view yourself as a visitor or a resident very interesting since the two first course weeks has open my eyes regarding the fact that in som context I might am a visiter but in others I might be a resident. And that is good news for me since I saw myself as visitor with lack of digital skills

Roelita Cloete

I have been thinking about the whole resident vs visitor concept… Without really thinking about it I would have classified myself as a resident. I was kind of arrogant thinking I know a lot about social media, online stuff. I have been exposed to a lot of this before.

But in the past 2 weeks I have had to deal with a whole lot of new tools and I have heard and read about so many more that I didn’t even know existed.

So if I have to classify myself in my personal life I will probably say that, yes – I can call myself a resident. But from an institutional point of view a whole new world is opening up at the moment. And I hope that in the next few weeks to unfold I will learn about a whole lot of new tools that I can add to…

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En reaktion på ”Resident or visitor?

  1. Aha, thank you for your thoughts! And I agree, this course started a whole lot of thinking, both about the personal relationship and (more expected?) the professional relationship to internet based tools and use.
    It has been some interesting reading so far, and (as usual) some ideas started to bubble up inside. Haven´t yet expressed them all though. The english really slows me down I´m afraid… I felt so pitiful after writing about visitor and resident activity, managing to get simply ONE reference to my text 😦 But time ran out of me.
    I´ll see if I can muster (thank you, google translate) some more during the week.



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