Reflections on topic 3 ONL162 ”Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”


(CC by tailorvj)

I have really tried to remember an occasion when real collaborative learning took place, that moved my own thinking forward but I don’t seem to have been there yet. I only have experiences of distance courses and I founded them often to be a copy of the equal campus course and just a little bit modified to suit the distance format.

My own Personal Learning Networks are quite “old school” since my networks meet in real life. I like to meet with people that I work with, but I can definitely see the limitations. The influences from outside are limited both for interaction and information. Even thought I knew what Twitter was before I joined the course I didn’t understood the potential of Twitter for me to keep up in a specific area. Since I started this course and created my own Twitter account I found that it suites me. I like the short format and the possibility to post pictures. However, I don’t really know yet how to use Tweets to professionally create networks but I guess that one need to be patient and just continue to follow other users of interest. 

Since I don’t teach but would like to  use technologies to enable networks for our research within the research community and to broadcast popular science. I guess that Twitter could be a god way to reach the research community but when using Twitter for popular science one need to think about how one present it. In addition, I guess that popular science has to be broadcast in different social medias to personalize both content and ways to reach out.


Mollett A, Moran D, Dunleavy P. (2011). Using Twitter in university research, teaching and impact activities. Available:   [13 nov 2106].

Dron J, Anderson T. (2014). Teaching crowds: Learning and social media. Athabasca University Pres. Available:   [13 nov 2016].


2 reaktioner på ”Reflections on topic 3 ONL162 ”Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I really like your post for its clarity and honesty. Like you, I am interested in using online technology for networking within the research community. So far, I have only used twitter as a source of inspiration, to read news and posts from other labs and during conferences. Reading about your ONL-experiences with twitter is very encouraging!
    Finally, I just wanted to share an article on social media for scientists: It’s a bit old, but I hope you also find it interesting.

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