Lessons learnt – future practice. Topic 5 ONL162

I applied for the course without knowing anything about it, it just sounded like a great course that I really needed. Later on when I received the invitation e-mail with course details including a line telling me that I had to do about 20 hours a week in the course I just send an e-mail to the head of the course telling him that I couldn’t do it.


However, with his encourage I decided to give it a try but I was pretty sure that I was going go quit. The first thing I did was to create a Twitter account (I’m not sure why) and to my surprise I really liked it, I thought it was so fun to just be there.. and then I decided to do the course what ever the cost.. The most important thing that I have learnt during the course is not to use a particular e-learning tool. I think that the most important thing is the new knowledge of the concept digital literacy. It was an eye opener or maybe more a verbalization of what I long have suspect.. namely that you can’t just transform traditional “cathedral learning” into e-learning. In a way you need to be bit digital literate to transform a traditional course to the format of e-learning and the one’s who attend the course should also already have or have the possibility to learn digital literacy during the course.


Me and my colleagues already had an e-learning project going on at the department before I joined the course. It was actually the reason why I applied. I think that the course has giving me a bolder approach about what we can do, I guess that I will be willing to try things, evaluate and revise without the feeling that it has to be perfect at once. I also have more tools to use. I think that using technology to enhance learning is vital for us. We are working in a fragmented area with quite long distance, so the logistics are a major challenge for us. We need to reach students without (at least always) meeting them face-to-face. So I think that we should use video links and chat functions for communication as well as on-line material for students to prepare for our activities. As a researcher I definitely will use Twitter to promote our research but also to keep track on what is happening in the area.For me as a researcher the use Twitter will be great and maybe also Blogs to communicate our research after the course. I started with Twitter, which I found really exiting and I will continue with that and try to increase my activity there. Me and my research fellows will create an intervention aiming to increase screening participation and I really think that my knew knowledge gained at the ONL162 course will contribute to that intervention.

I’m very happy about my e-learning “library” that I collected during the course. The “library” contains suitable links and references, which I will be happy to go back to, to read more thorough. The course pace was quite high and I didn’t find the time to really get deep in to some of the interesting topics during the course.





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  1. Hi Kaisa, I can relate to being scared of the time one had to allocate to this course. I am working full time and had to do this in course in my own time – so I also was discouraged at first and not so motivate to spend more time/effort than the minimum needed to pass. I ended up in a so highly motivated group though that I felt that I could not let them down and ended up spending much more time on this than I anticipated. However, as you said, it was actually fun to use the new tools together with the rest of the group and I gained a lot of ‘online tool confidence’…

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