Reflections on Topic 1 at the ONL162

This two first weeks at the ONL162 course has been (and still is) a bit confusing.. The concept of digital literacy was new to me (, Jisc) but the concept make sense as being different from the spoken language. For me, reading about digital literacy, felt good because I don’t need to feel stupid anymore just a novis in the digital literacy language. And the best of it, languages can be learned…

First, listening to David White (White D) talks on Youtube about visitors and residents was really good because it put words on my own role in the digital word. I am definitely (at least when I started the course) a visitor, except for Instagram were I’ve been for a while, but in a determined community of friends only. I understood that what I needed in order to take the step to become a resident was confidence (Belshaw D). So the first thing I did was to create a Twitter account @fritzellkaisa (it felt safe to do that because of the course) and I started to follow twitters regarding the topics of education, research and colorectal cancer which is my areas of interest professionally. I even put Tweets to the account and started to use #screesco to promote the project ”Screening of Swedish Colons-SCREESCO” in which I am a researcher (I made jokes about being the projects upcoming PR women). 

I’m currently at a conference #uegweek and it has been really funny to add a dimension to my own learning both in the ONL162 course and in the area of colorectal cancer, by using Twitter to communicate and to keep track on what is going on at the conference. It is what we call it in Swedish to ”slå två flugor i en smäll” (”kill two birds with one stone”).

So even though a still feel confused I think that I’m a bit more digital literate , or at least a bit more brave to learn the trial and error way. I’m also aware of what I need to learn more about: using all those tools e.g. Padlet, Prezi, Today meet available for education, to focus more on the communication with the pbl7 members than on myself.. and off course to learn and use the FISh model that I forgot to use for topic 1 (like students who never notice, what I thought obvious, instructions at my course web site). 



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